Questions & Concerns


Q: What is GoSimcard?

A: We are an authorized wholesaler for T-Mobile, LycaMobile, AIS, and Three-SIM. We sell these services to our customers at a much more affordable price while keeping the same reliable coverage and features.

Q: What is the difference between the Travel Plans and Foreign Student Plan?

A: The Travel Plan was made specifically for travelers to have great service at a low cost that will match the time of their visit, whether its 1 week or a whole month. The Foreign Student Plan was created with the intentions of providing the same great, reliable network T-Mobile has to offer at a discounted price.

Q: Is your T-Mobile network legitimate, or do you guys just borrow their towers?

A: For our T-Mobile related products, we sell genuine T-Mobile SIM cards that are directly used on T-Mobile's network and towers. So you will get the same coverage/ data speeds/ service as if you had an account directly with T-Mobile. The only difference as far is the service goes is we offer it at an amazing affordable price!

Q: Can i only use the GoSimcard Travel Plans in the United States?

A: Our SIM cards that use the T-Mobile network are able to work in all of North America which include the United States, Canada, and Mexico as well as international text messaging. For more details regarding the GoSimcard Travel Plan, please refer to our "Explore our products" page and click on Travel Plans.

Q:Why is the Foreign Student Plan listed above $45?

A:The Foreign Student Plan is $45 for a full month. The reason you may see a price other than $45 is because we charge a prorated price for the plan if it is started in the middle of a monthly cycle. Our cycle begins on the 1st of every month. If you purchase the Foreign Student Plan on the 1st of the cycle, you will be paying the advertised $45 only for the entire month. If you purchase the Foreign Student Plan on the 15th of the cycle, you will be paying for the remainder of the cycle PLUS next months in advance.

Please Note

GoSimcard is the legal owner of all SIM and phone numbers provided/ported into our system. We reserve the right to suspend service if payment is not received after your end date when on the $45 GoSimcard Foreign Student Plan. GoSimcard may recycle your number if payment is not received by the end date at 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Customer is responsible for ensuring their device is either unlocked or compatible with T-Mobile Network. Only GSM phones work with SIM cards, CDMA will not work. Changing your APN settings may be required prior to use, Please refer to this link on how to change your APN settings .

Please contact GoSimcard regarding all questions, comments, concerns and issues with your service. We handle any connectivity issue and the activation process. T-Mobile locations will not be able to assist you with network/payment issues. You may visit T-Mobile locations regarding troubleshooting of your device or our office located in Los Angeles, CA. Visit our "Contact Us" page for specific location and hours of operations.